Weekly Bridge Quiz

Well done to Keith Smith and Mike Louch who both got this correct. I am going to award each of them a free-game voucher as they were the only two people to take part.

I have decided to stop setting any more bridge quizzes for the time being as interest has waned somewhat and I need to reduce my workload now that that I am taking on more and more responsibility for our on-line games.

If any bridge expert reading this would like to take over and provide a weekly or an occasional bridge quiz I would be happy to publish them for you. Just get in touch or send me the hand with a solution.

Thank you to everybody that had a go at the quizzes over the past couple of months.


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Michael Louch
Michael Louch
8 months ago

Take the Ace. Small to Ace club. Finesse J club. K club, throw away spade. Lose spade, diamond, heart.

Keith Smith
Keith Smith
8 months ago

With 2 certain losers, AH and AD, and 2 potential losers from the Spade rags, to make the contract Declarer needs to find a means to discard at least 1 of the Spade rags. Given the honour holding in Clubs combined with the shortage of Clubs [so E/W have 8 between them], finessing QC from the E hand seems to be the only option. So win opening lead with AS, lead 3C to AC, lead 6C to JC [& hope?]. If JC holds, Declarer can discard a Spade from Dummy on third round of Clubs taken by KC. If QC… Read more »