Sunday 3 May

Congratulations to Kate Aggett who wins the Sunday 3 May quiz.

I am grateful to Iain Sime for providing this problem.

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Kate Aggett
Kate Aggett
6 months ago

Assume 5S 4th highest, rule of 11 – 6 higher in other hands so N holding 3 higher so assume 5/3 split in spades. 6 sure winners would try to take extra 2 diamonds and 1 heart and depending on play, 1club. Take 1st trick with either the Q or A. Lead small diamond to A. Play small heart either cover K with A or let J run. If S wins he will possibly play a spade – duck. Then another spade – win with A. Play 10D. Cover Q with K or let 10 run. N no spades left… Read more »

Keith Smith
Keith Smith
6 months ago

[Assuming “she” is Declarer, E.] Lead of 5S appears to be 4th highest longest suit, and given no overcall in the bidding also likely to be a 4 card suit, placing N with 4 Spades as well. So are certain to make both A and Q in Spades and lose 2 others. To make the 9 Tricks for the contract, need to make sure of 2 Hearts and 4 Diamonds to go with AC, but are missing KH and QD which need to be flushed out. With Declarer’s hand having the stops/tenaces in S, H and C, it will be… Read more »