Tip: Improving the Card Images on BCL

I see from Damien’s survey that Members are unhappy with the User Interface on BCL. I stumbled on a way to dramatically improve the visibility of the card images.
Logon, Enter the bridge club, click on Settings, scroll down, Turn On High Visibility and Large Cards, Exit.
If, like me, you are chronologically gifted but visually challenged, this will, I hope, improve your playing experience.
I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface of online bridge. If anyone has discovered a useful feature, please share.
David Kaye.

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Julia Palmer
6 months ago

I gave up with BCL without playing a board because I couldn’t find any setting to (1) present cards as “hand diagrammes” rather than all around the edge of the screen, and (2) neither could I switch off sound prompts. Can’t be doing with that nonsense all the time. Would drive me mad (even madder!) On BBO I can adjust these things by going to the account tab (on RHS of page) and then select “settings” at the top of the panel. I then switch off the “pictures of cards” options (so that I see hand diagrammes) and switch off… Read more »