SBU recognition of BCL

Myself and 3 others are regularly playing social bridge at BCL online and in these unusual time it is very enjoyable. Thanks for encouraging us all to join. The site is obviously geared to the EBU with recognition of master points etc and we wondered if the SBU could be approached to apply for similar recognition as there are a good number of New Melville members registered.

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Club Manager
9 months ago

I don’t think Master Points are awarded in the Social Bridge area on Bridge Club Live but they are available I believe in the daily MPs and DIDO tournaments. Also, the points awarded by the EBU are on a somewhat lower scale than normal because for example, it is too easy to cheat by way of phone calls. I think the SBU are looking into this idea however, and may be considering it at a future Council meeting. If we hear anything, we will let our members know.