MBA Bridge lessons on-line!

Hi all – hope everyone is keeping well, sane and busy! Many of us are indeed busier than ever in our new on-line world! This is just a follow-up from the earlier thread posted by Julia a few weeks ago.

Until the start of lock-down, who had heard of Zoom?? Now it seems that we’re all Zooming here, there and everywhere, and inspecting each other’s houses in the backdrop! But I digress..

Julia has considerable experience of BBO, and had the great idea of linking Zoom and BBO together to deliver the remaining classes of the spring term, which came to an abrupt end on March 16th. So after a bit of thought, the process is now as follows:

The teacher sets up the Zoom meeting, and the link is sent to all relevant class members. Everyone logs on, and the teacher then ‘shares’ her/his screen to go through the powerpoint presentation of the lesson. This works really well, it is just like being in a classroom. One drawback from the teacher’s viewpoint is that it’s difficult to encourage class participation – which is not a problem in lessons delivered in the flesh!

The class then has a tea-break, while the teacher sets up a teaching table on BBO, using pre-loaded hands from the lesson material. Meanwhile the class is logging on to BBO, and clicking on the teacher’s name to ‘join’ the table. There is still a bit of a hiatus at this stage, since many of the class members don’t yet have much experience of BBO. But that will change with time. Some attenders are not yet on BBO, but the teacher is now ‘sharing’ the BBO screen on Zoom, so they can watch the play! People play a hand or two, then they hop out of their seats and allow another 4 to play.

So that’s where we are! Julia, Peter and Edward have now all delivered classes, as we all get used to the process. Gradually we are working our way through all classes, and still have a few to go. To my astonishment, we had a group of 35 at the lesson yesterday afternoon, and they will be back for more next week! One lovely thing is how nice it is to see all the students as we gather on Zoom for the class.

The next challenge is to try to deliver some ‘play and learn’ sessions; these would have been the proposed Summer term, which was put on ice when the classes stopped.
Must go now and set up another class………….!

David B

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6 months ago

well done to all involved in the teaching of the MBA. I echo what Damien has already said in his letter to members but it is well worth endorsing. In these trying times it is great to see the efforts being made to keep the club together and informed. well done to all

Gerald Della-Porta
Gerald Della-Porta
6 months ago

wonders never cease . if only bidding and play were that simple .

however . zoom boom bang . shows great promise

to be oncide with homice

Christine McLaren
Christine McLaren
6 months ago

Well done, David and all the MBA team. You’re doing a great job. Thanks too for inviting me to ‘visit’ one of the online classes being delivered by Peter Moss. I was mightily impressed by the efficiency of delivery and content of the lesson. I was also amazed how well you and Peter created a truly friendly and comfortable atmosphere with plenty of interaction between teacher and students, and between students too. I look forward to signing up for the next set of advanced classes whether they’re online or in the Club premises. Please put my name on the waiting… Read more »