Making the most of “my one daily exercise”

I bought a new bike! It’s red and I love it. Other than that I’m rather too busy for my liking, and my diary is overflowing with bridge commitments.


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Janet Unsworth
Janet Unsworth
9 months ago

The highlight of my day is the dog walk.
I’m doing online exercise classes too – alternating yoga and something cardio or a body balance class.
Let’s share some other ideas for exrcise..

Edward Clutton
9 months ago
Reply to  Janet Unsworth

I’ve just done 3 consecutive mornings with Joe Wicks.
I can hardly walk!
Clearly not as young as I feel (or used to)!
It will get worse before it gets better.
Now where have I heard that before?

9 months ago

Lovely bike!

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson
9 months ago

Nice bike Julia