trying to get into dido but it wants a ssd number help please

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About Margaret Allen

Enthusiastic but not very skilled bridge player Play mon pm and Thursday evenings usually partnering Alan. Have spent the whole of last week attempting to master on line bridge About the only interactive thing we can do! Not sure about you tube yoga! Hope this is what biography means?

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Carol Lamond
7 months ago

Hello Margaret when you are first to sit at a dido table, and then a partner arrives, you are asked to submit an SSD. This stands for Simple System Disclosure. A SSD is basically like the convention card that you fill in at the real club It is a large box with a drop down menu. it asks first what system you and your partner want to play, and gives you choices. For example, Basic Acol, Acol 3 weak 2’s, Simple SAYC, Full SAYC, Strong 1Club etc Next one down is opening major, for example 4 card +, 5 card+… Read more »