Covid19 App

Have YOU got the App yet?

Why not do your bit to help scientists in the UK solve possibly the most important problem in modern times by downloading an App on your smartphone which you can use to report your Covid19 symptoms, or hopefully lack of them, every day. The information you provide will be added to a large database of information which will give the scientist a better understanding of how far and wide the virus has spread, and more importantly, the rate of infection amongst the population.

Click on the Covid19 page in the menu at the top of this page for more information.

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Julia Palmer
6 months ago

Great suggestion. Apparently it is the biggest citizen science project (as in the most participants) ever in the UK! And that’s from a standing start about 6 weeks ago!

Almost 2.7 million people are participating by logging their health every day via the app or website, but they’ve like more.

The research team are also publishing research papers at a huge rate of knots, and there are updates on their blog most days. See here – !!

Happy logging everyone.