Common Bridge Abbreviations on BCL

Common Bridge Abbreviations on BCL

BLP / O Bad luck partner / ops
GTP / O Good try partner / ops
Gd Sac Good sacrifice
GLP Good luck partner
HLP/O Hard luck partner / ops
NPP / O No problem partner /ops
SP/O Sorry partner/ops

TUP / O To you partner / ops (meaning you are returning a compliment)
TYP / O Thank you partner / ops
ULP / O Unlucky partner /ops
VNP Very nice partner
VWPP very well played partner
VGTP Very good try partner
WPP / O Well played partner / ops
WTGP Way to go partner
WDP /O Well done partner / ops

BRB Be right back
LOL Laughing out loud
OMG Oh my god

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Hamish Robertson
7 months ago

Thanks Carol – very helpful!

Bronwen McWhinney
Bronwen McWhinney
7 months ago

I always think the glp looks like gulp – which may be the actual reaction!!

7 months ago

brb = be right back, is also (most conveniently ha ha) an abbrev for bathroom break.

I would advise against using omg (which irritates me a lot, and offends many people of faith). I’m always tempted to reply: Which god do you believe in, then? … tho’ I never get an answer.