When I play my bridge
My brain comes out the fridge
I’m here and set to play
On a dull and breezy day
I’m sat at Table 8
In charge of our Bridgemate
I’m playing with Ros tonight
And our system’s really tight.

The first hand’s in front of me now
And inside I’m thinking “Wow”
I’ve got 3 Kings and Aces 3
And the Queen of Spades makes 23
I’ve counted the points included the faces
And instead of Clubs I’ve got spaces
I’m looking at Ros who’s due to start
To my amazement she opens a Heart!

I’m counting our points, I’m thinking of Slam
It could be a Slam Bam Thank You Mam!
In reply to her Heart I show her my Spades
And onwards and upwards the bidding cascades
I take it to seven and the hand is played
4 of Clubs led and Dummy is laid
With no clubs in hand it’s easy to make
And thirteen tricks feel SO good to take.
The next hand is tricky a part score at best
But East-West bid boldly and then fail the test
So we’ve started real well with confidence high
Another game made as East-West both sigh.

As partnerships change and the evening drifts past
We think we’re doing well and won’t end up last!
But two poor hands follow, each lost by poor starts
Till a lucky No Trumps Game won with long Hearts.

And then comes a challenge on Board 24
I look at my cards and – just like before
I’ve 23 points and evenly spread
But this time the hand goes straight to my head
I force the bids upwards and get far too high
Made worse by the way that East-West cards lie.

In the Small Slam – No Trumps – I fall short by two
Ros thinks we should slink out the door and we do —
But I think – No! It’s fine – let’s see where we’re placed
We look at the screen as it scrolls – real slow paced
As usual I start at the foot of the list
And can’t see our names till Ros raises a fist.

We’re top! It’s surreal in a very good field
And some Black Points to come – an excellent yield.
But no chocolate now – I’d have loved some tonight!
I suppose a free voucher is really all right!

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Club Manager
7 months ago

Well done Hamish for making a post! Didn’t realise you are a bit of a poet!!

7 months ago

Brilliant Hamish. Looking forward to playing against you and Ros at the MBC before too long. Everything crossed. Miss chatting with you about great places to go and eat!

David Briggs
7 months ago

Nice one Hamish!
The Muse is strong in this one…..

Christine McLaren
Christine McLaren
7 months ago

Great piece of writing Hamish! Are you gathering an anthology?
Christine x