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Why did you choose your alias? As a newbie I accepted the alias given me by BCL, MoyraF, and use the same on on BBO. However, I was intrigued to find another moyraf on BCL; it took only a few clicks to discover her club in Yorkshire and then her full name. Is security an issue for some who choose a more anonymous alias? Or fun? Or a tactical device to give the opposition minimal info.?
BCL includes quite full member profiles. At first I gave only names of preferred systems, but now give clubs, location, and details of my preferred system and conventions. This, in part, as I enjoy reading others’ profiles. But not my full name nor email address.
I do enjoy recognising other Melville members at the table on BCL, and am amazed at how often this happens.

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Gerald Della-Porta
Gerald Della-Porta
3 months ago


would welcome a game

but who is she/he?