Address to a Hamish

You came to our table at Board 22
When Caron and I thought our evening was through
We played out the board, made our contract with ease
Onto board 23, another one made, the results starting to please

Our luck really turned at board 24
We could tell by your bidding you were pushing for more
We led our long suit and played it with skill
As our tricks mounted up, you began to look ill
10 points for us in just this one hand
Caron and I felt like calling a brass band
We knew you had saved us from being bottom of the pile
We walked past the scoreboard with a helluva smile
No chocolate for us but we are on a fast
We’ll be back for more fun once this virus has passed

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7 months ago

Nice Poem Gail

Margaret Anne
Margaret Anne
7 months ago

That is fantastic Gail. Roll on Monday afternoons at the NMBC!

Hamish Robertson
7 months ago

Brilliant Gail — super mirror image and so real (not surreal!!) H x

Gerald Della-Porta
Gerald Della-Porta
7 months ago

liked the poem and the strut at the end
blew you a feather without flight to send