Online TDing…. generates a few strange TD calls!

Yesterday I was called to bridge table by a player holding

S —
D KT98743
Q A865

Player “I can’t see my hand, the bidding box is blocking it”

Jules “OK, could you try clicking on the box”

Player “Still can’t see”

Jules “Can you try dragging the bidding box?”

Player “No, that doesn’t work”

Jules “Is there a play button, or a back arrow that you can see?”

Player “Nope”

Jules “OK, trying signing off and on again to see whether the problem resolves itself”.

Player “I’m back. I still can’t see part of my hand.”

Jules “OK, so what part of your hand can’t you see?”

Player “My spades….”

Jules “!!!”

Of course as online TDs we can’t actually see what the player can (or can’t) see on their screen, so really just trying to proffer a series or “useful suggestions” to try and resolve the problem!

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