Famous Bridge Quotes -C

• Ely Culbertson: The sum of all technical knowledge cannot make a master contract player…
• Larry Cohen: I believe the Law of Total tricks will revolutionise the way bridge players bid … I fear too many people will read this book and make the right decision the next time they sit down to play at my table.
• John Collingswood: is playing rubber bridge at a club in London. It is very hot, and all the windows are open. He cuts the weakest player in the game, and older gentleman who never passes and can’t play a lick. The idea is to lose as little as possible when playing with him. John’s partner opens 1NT and John has KQJxxxx xx xxx x. He knows that if he bids 4S his partner will bid on, so he bids 2S. Sure enough his partner bids 2NT.John bids 3S, his partner bids 3NT. John takes a chance and bids 4S. No good, his partner bids 4NT. John passes. The opening lead is made, and John goes to get a drink and glances at his partner’s hand. His partner has all four aces including Ax of spades. John can’t believe it, there are 10 top tricks. He returns to his seat with the open window to his back to watch the play. His partner wins the opening lead and leads a LOW spade at trick two blocking the suit for all eternity. John picks up his cards and throws them out the window saying: “You won’t need these anymore.”

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