Daily Bridge Tip #7

In order to answer the question you need an agreement as to what constitutes a 3 NT opening bid.
One popular agreement is that you hold a solid minor suit with at least 7 cards headed by AKQJ
AND you don’t have any other side suit honour higher than a Queen.
The reason for having the agreement about side suits is that it makes it much easier for partner to know what action to take.

With that agreement the decision for North should be easy.
Ask yourself two questions
1. Am I likely to make 3 NT?
No, because the opposition can cash at least 4 spades and ♦ A
2. Am I likely to make 5 ♣?
No because the opposition are likely to cash 2 spades and 1 diamond unless partner has a singleton spade.

If both answers are NO, bid 4C which partner is expected to pass.


If you’ve agreed what constitutes a solid minor stick to it!

If you’ve agreed that you won’t have a side suit honour higher than a Queen stick to it!

If you stick to your agreements, partner will find it easy to know what to bid.

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