Daily Bridge Tip 48

You win ♣ A and hope to draw trumps so you can enjoy the excellent diamond suit.

If you cash ♥ A and ♥ K and then tackle diamonds there is a danger of a diamond ruff before you can discard your losing spades. Your only hope is that three rounds of diamonds remain unruffed, otherwise you will lose a trump and three spades.

You need to lose one trump trick at a time when dummy still has a trump to protect you in spades.

The way to do that is to DUCK THE FIRST ROUND OF TRUMPS.

Now all the defenders can do is to take two spade tricks and you will get the rest of the tricks because you can ruff a third round of spades.

This line of play is not waterproof against every different distribution of the cards, but is the line which gives you the highest probability of success.

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