Daily Bridge Tip 44

It’s generally correct to delay the spade guess as long as possible.

The temptation is to draw trumps, cash your clubs and hope to guess right in spades.

That will work fine if trumps are 3-3 (36% of the time ) but consider what happens if they are 4-2 (48% of the time).

If they split 4-2 you’ll have no trumps left when you play a spade and you’ll lose an extra diamond trick after the ♠ A has been taken. Down one.

THE SECRET IS TO PLAY A SPADE IMMEDIATELY so that you have trumps in dummy to cope with a further diamond lead.

You still have to guess the spade position correctly, but you need to do that anyway.

Of course the same play would be necessary if dummy had ♠ KQ52

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Bronwen McWhinney
Bronwen McWhinney
8 months ago

Yes!! Got that one right – will probably missguess the S though !