Daily Bridge Tip 42

Slam will be touch and go because West is expected to have a balanced 16-17 count.

West has made an invitational raise and you decide you will bid slam.

DO NOT simply bid 6 NT (unless you are playing pairs and are prepared to risk 6 NT failing in order to get a better score)

At teams or IMPS it is better to explore the possibility of a suit fit because a 4-4 fit will generally play better in that suit than in notrump.

East should bid 5 ♣ the lowest 4 card suit with the intention that you both bid your suits up the way until a fit is found. If a fit isn’t found you play in 6 NT.

On this hand, after East bids 5 ♣, West simply bids 6 ♣.

This hand came up last night and as you can see 6 ♣ makes easily but 6 NT cannot make.

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