Daily Bridge Tip 32

With no obvious lead from a strong hand your choice of lead concerns what is the least likely lead to give away a trick.
According to a study done by author David Bird in his book “Winning Suit Contract Leads” the lead that will beat the contract most often is 9|♠.

This will come as a surprise to those who would avoid a singleton trump lead at all costs.
However the fact that you have doubled, which generally suggests shortage, means that declarer may have read the trump position correctly anyway.

The best and worst suits to lead from the three other suits are

(Best) KQ63, K953, KJ72 (Worst)

The best and worst leads from various K high holdings are

(Best) KQJx, KQ10x, KQxx, Kxxx, KJxx (Worst)

Similarly from Q high holdings

(Best) QJxx, Qxxx, Q10xx (Worst)

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Edward Clutton
8 months ago

Only now catching up on these terrific bridge tips. Guess I’ve been spending too much time with Andrew Robson and Bernard Magee! Hope I have enough memory left! These are great, Alan. Very well constructed. Thanks.