Daily Bridge Tip #9

You must start by counting how many points declarer is likely to hold (probably 10 or 11)
That leaves only 1 or 2 left in partner’s hand, presumably the ♠ J or ♣ Q.
Declarer must have ♣ A and with the heart suit lying so favourably for declarer partner is unlikely to score a trick with ♣ Q.
Your best bet, therefore is to hope that partner has ♠ Jxx and you win 2 trump tricks.


When declarer leads trumps from dummy and plays either ♠ K or ♠ Q you must DUCK SMOOTHLY.
Declarer will the re-enter dummy and will have to guess whether to finesse ♠ 10 or play his other high honour.
If you play ♠ A on the first round or you hesitate and then play low, declarer is likely to finesse on the second round.


Take your time after winning ♦ K to work out what you need partner to hold to give any chance of defeating the contract.
You must foresee this trump position in advance and be prepared to duck with ♠ A.
You must duck smoothly in tempo to give declarer a losing option.

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