Daily Bridge Tip #17

In both cases, East should lead the Jack.

If you lead ♠ 5 (normal 4th highest) and declarer plays low, then partner will have to win with ♠ A and South will eventually win the ♠ Q.

If you lead ♠ J, declare will cover with the ♠ Q and partner will win ♠ A. Your ♠ K9 will now “surround” North’s ♠ 10 and South will make no tricks in spades.

Similarly in the club suit.

If you lead ♣ 4 South can let it run to the ♣ 10 and finesse your ♣ K on the next round of the suit.
The opposition make 3 tricks in the suit.

However if you lead ♣ J South will win ♣ Q, but when West gets in to lead another club your ♣ K9 “surrounds” the ♣ 10 and your ♣ 9 will force out the ♣ A.
The opposition now only make 2 tricks in the suit.

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Troy van-de-l'Isle
Troy van-de-l'Isle
8 months ago

A Number of years ago, I recall making a surround play against Alan.
It wasn’t a setting trick but as it was pairs got a decent score. Alan congratulated me on a good defensive play 😀

Michael Gray
Michael Gray
8 months ago

Enjoying the tips Alan and even getting some right! Whether or not I remember them in the heat of play is another matter!

Julia Palmer
8 months ago

We also need our partner to recognise this situation from their side.

We won trick 1, and you cleverly switched to spade Jack. If partner now returns spade then we cash the first five tricks vs 3N.

I’ve very occasionally been in the position of finding the winning play only for partner now to switch to a different suit, thus letting the contract home.

Important for both defenders to be in tune here! 🙂