On the bottle again!

Hope you are all managing to keep busy – I painted these bottles for my neighbours. It would be good to hear what everyone else has been up to. I’m not gifted in technology so If there is no picture attached then I’ve done something wrong.


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Anne Perkins
Anne Perkins
7 months ago

Brilliant Rose – they are fabulous. It’s a shame you had to do all that drinking to get the bottles with no one but your husband to help you! Wish I had your talent.

Margaret Anne
Margaret Anne
7 months ago
Reply to  Anne Perkins

Fabulous Rose. Gardening for me and playing Bridge badly online! Got the head and frock but just need the hat for that special competition in due course. You will be centre stage!

Moyra Forrest
6 months ago

Lovely! Perhaps a Rose and Rainbow exclusive for the great Rose Club Tea? Will try to press some rose leaves and make rose water ‘perfume’ (memories of childhood) as prizes.

Pat Walkingshaw
6 months ago

Fantastic Rose!!!