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Past Results and How Hands Were Bid and Played on RB

I have recorded a new video which shows you how to access past results on RealBridge and also how to look at the bidding and play of all the boards just as you do on BBO. The video can be found on our website in the ‘RealBridge Videos’ section. You may find that the video downloads rather than plays in which case you will need to double click on the download to play it. There is no password for this video.

Sunday Afternoon

Can I remind you that we have a tournament tomorrow afternoon on RealBridge starting at 2.00 pm. It will be a match point pairs tournament of 20 boards with the usual charge.

Christmas Party

Next Thursday 17 December will be our Christmas Party being played exclusively on RealBridge at 7.00 pm. All of the table money will be donated to two charities which are Maggie’s Centre and the Rock Trust which helps the homeless in Edinburgh. The payment form will allow you to enter any amount for that session and the Board are recommending a minimum of £5 per person.

If you are not able to play that night you can still donate to the charities by using the same button on our website.

Christmas Congress

This takes place on Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 December. Swiss Pairs on the Tuesday and Swiss Teams on the Wednesday. The entry fee is £5 per person per day. The sessions start at 2.00 pm and will consist of five 5-board matches each day being played straight through. There will be significant cash prizes including Bronze and Silver prizes as well as enhanced master points for each match won or draw. This congress is open to non-members, but players should be members of the SBU.

Therre is an entry form on our wesbite. Payment and entry is required in advance.

Wednesday Nights

The current Swiss Pairs Accumulator has two more weeks to run. I will be announcing the details of a new Wednesday night competition which will start after the New Year, in the next few days.

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