Double Trouble

How do you think declarer got on in the doubled 1NT contract shown below?

Two weeks ago I described a nightmare hand in which I went nine off in a vulnerable 3NT contract. Well, here is a story that is the complete antithesis of this, from my point of view.

This hand occurred at the Peebles congress in December 2015. On my partner’s lead I decided to contribute the Queen of Spades. No doubt some experts will tell me that I should have played the Jack, but no matter. Partner then played a low Spade which I took with the Jack at which point I happily cashed seven Diamond tricks. By this time partner was down to Ace of Hearts and two Spades to the King. I led a Heart and we took all the remaining tricks for seven off! +2000!

In over forty years of bridge I had never seen that before and was expecting to get a complete top as it was match point pairs. No such luck! We ‘only’ scored 98% for a shared top! Of course South could have re-doubled to show a five-card suit and then it would have been a different story.

Those of you who subscribe to Andrew Robson’s ‘Bridgecasts’ may well of heard him recently describe a similar fate which he suffered in a 1NT doubled contract. His partner at the time was Zia Mahmood, a world class player.!


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Alan Goodman
10 months ago

Nice story Damien.

Your QS is the correct card and suggests to partner you’ve got the Jack. Partner was right to underlead to your assumed Jack.
Had you played the Jack instead of the Queen, partner will probably switch because you’ve denied the Queen.
Consequently, had you held Qx instead of QJ, you must play low rather than play the Queen unless partner’s lead specifically requested an unblock of an honour.

All was well- perfect defense.

I feel another Daily tip coming on!!