A pleasure to go one down

It’s not very often that you have an enjoyable lasting memory of a hand especially when you’ve gone one down in your contract.

I can’t even remember what the contract was!

Our opponents were top players ( my LHO was our guy that gives the great bridge tips and my RHO – don’t want to disclose this).

Anyway, I just needed one trick in Diamonds. I was on the table where there was QJxx in diamonds and I held the singleton King. So I thought – there’s no point in leading a small one to my king as RHO will surely put up his Ace – so I decided to play the Queen ( hoping that RHO would duck the ace and think that his partner had the King) – not a chance down came the Ace – and a quiet remark to the effect – “do you think I was born yesterday”. How dare I underestimate him – was the look on his face! Every time I think of it, it brings a smile to my face.

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A long career in the NHS with the organisation now known as National Services Scotland. Interests, apart from bridge - anything creative - sewing, arts and crafts - even knitting! Love my garden.
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Alan Goodman
10 months ago

I remember it well Rose- it was a great play. You were unlucky that I wasn’t sitting in his seat or you may have made your contract!
The look on my partner’s face makes you smile – the look I normally get from him certainly doesn’t make me smile!
Great story.

Club Manager
10 months ago
Reply to  Alan Goodman

Now I wonder who your partner was that day Alan?? 🙂