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MBA Bridge lessons on-line!

Hi all – hope everyone is keeping well, sane and busy! Many of us are indeed busier than ever in our new on-line world! This is just a follow-up from the earlier thread posted by Julia a few weeks ago.

Until the start of lock-down, who had heard of Zoom?? Now it seems that we’re all Zooming here, there and everywhere, and inspecting each other’s houses in the backdrop! But I digress..

Julia has considerable experience of BBO, and had the great idea of linking Zoom and BBO together to deliver the remaining classes of the spring term, which came to an abrupt end on March 16th. So after a bit of thought, the process is now as follows:

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April DIDO Winners

Congratulations to Pat Walkingshaw and Rose Simpson who have won the April competition for the most DIDO points won in the Bridge Club Live daily Drop-In-Drop-Out competition. They came first with 198 points. The full table of results can be seen on our normal website front page, right hand column.

So far 38 out of 85 registered members have played at least once in this competition. If we can increase the numbers we will award prizes every week rather than once a month. Pat and Rose will be given a free-game voucher when the club eventually re-opens.

Alerting on BBO

Having played a few sessions on BBO I’m slowly getting the hang of it. However, I would appreciate clarification on the correct procedures for alerting. I have found that more experienced players tend to Alert their own bids with an explanation e.g. a 2H transfer to spades would be accompanied by “Spades”. Is this accepted as best practice?
When a player clicks on a bid to request an explanation, is it given by the bidder or his partner? At the end of the auction there is no equivalent of leading a card face down. After the lead explanations are usually requested by Chat. If so, who should supply the explanation?
I can’t be alone in finding this confusing, so if anyone can clarify the situation I’m sure many of us would benefit.

Covid19 App

Have YOU got the App yet?

Why not do your bit to help scientists in the UK solve possibly the most important problem in modern times by downloading an App on your smartphone which you can use to report your Covid19 symptoms, or hopefully lack of them, every day. The information you provide will be added to a large database of information which will give the scientist a better understanding of how far and wide the virus has spread, and more importantly, the rate of infection amongst the population.

Click on the Covid19 page in the menu at the top of this page for more information.

SBU recognition of BCL

Myself and 3 others are regularly playing social bridge at BCL online and in these unusual time it is very enjoyable. Thanks for encouraging us all to join. The site is obviously geared to the EBU with recognition of master points etc and we wondered if the SBU could be approached to apply for similar recognition as there are a good number of New Melville members registered.

Daily Bridge Tips

I’ve just posted my third Daily Bridge Tip on the Community Website.
I’d appreciate any feedback please.
Are they useful, worth reading etc?

Say what you think- I won’t be offended if you think they are of little value!