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Past Results and How Hands Were Bid and Played on RB

I have recorded a new video which shows you how to access past results on RealBridge and also how to look at the bidding and play of all the boards just as you do on BBO. The video can be found on our website in the ‘RealBridge Videos’ section. You may find that the video downloads rather than plays in which case you will need to double click on the download to play it. There is no password for this video.

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A herogram

I always knew that Damien was an asset to our club but his efforts in the past few weeks deserve this herogram. Running the club in normal times must be demanding but these times require a different and untested approach to keeping us playing bridge. Damien provides clear and detailed guidance, sets up initiatives such as this website, makes videos, liaises with other bodies to establish tournaments, helps with queries…I could go on. Many thanks.

Thanks to Damien

Just a wee public shout out to Damien for all his terrific work keeping the Melville spirit going through this dark period.

Instructions and guidance on all aspects, especially online Bridge are great — and today I even managed to update Pianola and buy some BBO credit for next week’s Comp.

Thanks Damien,



On the bottle again!

Hope you are all managing to keep busy – I painted these bottles for my neighbours. It would be good to hear what everyone else has been up to. I’m not gifted in technology so If there is no picture attached then I’ve done something wrong.


Some culture for the lock-down

Hi all

Hope you’re all coping with this strange time!
As well as on-line bridge, there are other things around of course; here’s one idea, which was passed on to me.
The Berlin Philharmonic is naturally not performing live at the moment, but they have generously given free access to their whole archive of concerts! here’s the web-site; it’s free for 30 days I think:

Take care, keep well everyone