About Rose Simpson

A long career in the NHS with the organisation now known as National Services Scotland. Interests, apart from bridge - anything creative - sewing, arts and crafts - even knitting! Love my garden.

On the bottle again!

Hope you are all managing to keep busy – I painted these bottles for my neighbours. It would be good to hear what everyone else has been up to. I’m not gifted in technology so If there is no picture attached then I’ve done something wrong.


Four Dummies

My first visit to the Melville was for a bridge lesson ( went with my In-laws and a family friend – just to make up the numbers). We didn’t have any idea about bridge – up until then we had only played partner whist.

The bridge lesson was led by Mr Paton – didn’t know his christian name as everything was very formal ( and sometimes scary) in those days (it’s still scary!).
He explained to us how to count our points and then a basic guide to the auction – and when the auction was complete you played the hand.

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A pleasure to go one down

It’s not very often that you have an enjoyable lasting memory of a hand especially when you’ve gone one down in your contract.

I can’t even remember what the contract was!

Our opponents were top players ( my LHO was our guy that gives the great bridge tips and my RHO – don’t want to disclose this).

Anyway, I just needed one trick in Diamonds. I was on the table where there was QJxx in diamonds and I held the singleton King. So I thought – there’s no point in leading a small one to my king as RHO will surely put up his Ace – so I decided to play the Queen ( hoping that RHO would duck the ace and think that his partner had the King) – not a chance down came the Ace – and a quiet remark to the effect – “do you think I was born yesterday”. How dare I underestimate him – was the look on his face! Every time I think of it, it brings a smile to my face.