My first bridge tournament

Shortly after arriving in Manila for my husband’s new posting I soon realised there was a pecking order in the social circles. You were asked 3 questions while you waited for your kid’s school bus, What position does your husband hold in the company , Which “Village” do you live in and Do you play bridge?
Having passed the first 2, I encouraged 3 other new arrivals to have Bridge lessons.
We had 3/10 lessons when the British Ambassador’s wife (a keen bridge player) held a charity games morning . The group decided we would pass on the scrabble, backgammon etc and Instead play bridge.
We were so bridge naive, Never having heard of duplicate bridge or even played a game other than in our class, we took along our notes!! We could not understand why we were given 4 boards or why the ladies were so exasperated with us and kept taking the boards away while glaring at us. We were still playing our 1st board when they had finished 3 of their 4 boards still waiting for our board. We were oblivious of what was happening around , we were busy reading our notes in order to bid. Eventually Having messed up theIr movement , they threw us out the tournament but grudgingly awarded me a bottle of wine for the deuce prize!!!
I hasten to add … I have improved since.