Donating to club

Could ?treasurer provide information about how to donate to the club please. With no petrol costs, lower table money, even cheaper tea/coffee at home I’d like to give a few shekels.
My understanding is that subs. attract gift aid, but not table money [and perhaps the government will end gift aid as its coffers dry up].
Damien has worked wonders for us all and it’s a joy to be a member of the Melville.

Alias and profile online

Why did you choose your alias? As a newbie I accepted the alias given me by BCL, MoyraF, and use the same on on BBO. However, I was intrigued to find another moyraf on BCL; it took only a few clicks to discover her club in Yorkshire and then her full name. Is security an issue for some who choose a more anonymous alias? Or fun? Or a tactical device to give the opposition minimal info.?
BCL includes quite full member profiles. At first I gave only names of preferred systems, but now give clubs, location, and details of my preferred system and conventions. This, in part, as I enjoy reading others’ profiles. But not my full name nor email address.
I do enjoy recognising other Melville members at the table on BCL, and am amazed at how often this happens.

Bridge injuries

Is anyone else feeling shoulder and neck pain due to all the clicking?
For years, sportier work colleagues arrived wearing bandages or stookie, and sometimes even on crutches. Bridge never caused me any time off; the worst injuries I witnessed were the occasional effects of tongue-lashing by irate partners.
Suspect current discomfort may be due to playing too much – but at least you can sit at home with a hot wheat bag to give comfort. Interestingly one of our oldest members mentioned lack of power in her fingers among her many reasons for not moving online.

Bridge memories: Moyra Forrest

Moving into 5 Grosvenor Crescent in July 1976 marked the start of my bridge journey. An elderly neighbour sallied out every Saturday wearing her best, including hat, and with a cheery smile – when I asked the reason she said “Bridge, my dear”. I think she was a regular at the Rose Club, which met for a very social afternoon of bridge and cake in the Melville, then at 9 Grosvenor Crescent.

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