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The Hay Book Festival has gone digital!

I know we all seem to be rediculously busy at present (well I seem to be, but maybe it is all a mirage!), but I know there are many bookfest fans at the Melville.

The Hay Book Festival (18-31 May) has gone digital. All events are free, and you can book up via their website and watch from the comfort of your own living room!

MBA Online Lesson Experiment….

With some moral and practical support from David, Ed and Paul Gipson I “succeeded” (sort of) in running one of the MBA classes online this morning using Zoom (which allowed me to share PowerPoint slides, and my BBO screen).

We also managed to play a few practice hands at a BridgeBaseOnline teaching table too.

It’s all a new experience using other platforms to try and deliver classes, and lots of practicing required to make this work well. It was a little traumatic for me, and maybe for attendees too, but a few claimed to have enjoyed the session!!


31 March 2020


I bought a new bike! It’s red and I love it. Other than that I’m rather too busy for my liking, and my diary is overflowing with bridge commitments.