MBA Bridge lessons on-line!

Hi all – hope everyone is keeping well, sane and busy! Many of us are indeed busier than ever in our new on-line world! This is just a follow-up from the earlier thread posted by Julia a few weeks ago.

Until the start of lock-down, who had heard of Zoom?? Now it seems that we’re all Zooming here, there and everywhere, and inspecting each other’s houses in the backdrop! But I digress..

Julia has considerable experience of BBO, and had the great idea of linking Zoom and BBO together to deliver the remaining classes of the spring term, which came to an abrupt end on March 16th. So after a bit of thought, the process is now as follows:

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Some culture for the lock-down

Hi all

Hope you’re all coping with this strange time!
As well as on-line bridge, there are other things around of course; here’s one idea, which was passed on to me.
The Berlin Philharmonic is naturally not performing live at the moment, but they have generously given free access to their whole archive of concerts! here’s the web-site; it’s free for 30 days I think:

Take care, keep well everyone