4 down partner?

Our wonderful, long-suffering team captain always gives us an inspirational talk before a league match. One evening this season it included the words “Bid your ****** games.”
(****** = vulnerable) This lodged in my head and in the first 12 boards partner and I bid 3NT three times. It went four down each time. Twice I was the hapless, or to be more accurate, hopeless declarer and once poor partner. She is a brilliant player but even she found 20 combined points and a single stopper in the opponents suit a bridge too far. Our delightful opponents were clearly relishing these repeated failures as they contentedly entered 400 in their plus column. So much so that after the third failure I turned to the genial gentleman on my right and asked : “Why don’t you double us next time we bid 3NT?” He thought for a moment then replied : “No, because there’s just the remotest chance that you would then find the right contract!”
So now, when playing with that partner we have a routine when going 4 off (and yes it has happened at least twice since that evening) We look each other straight in the eye, say : “Four down, partner?”, then try not to giggle. We may have failed in that regard too.
P.S. Our teammates fortunately played sensible bridge in the league match and we won comfortably.