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Tip: Improving the Card Images on BCL

I see from Damien’s survey that Members are unhappy with the User Interface on BCL. I stumbled on a way to dramatically improve the visibility of the card images.
Logon, Enter the bridge club, click on Settings, scroll down, Turn On High Visibility and Large Cards, Exit.
If, like me, you are chronologically gifted but visually challenged, this will, I hope, improve your playing experience.
I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface of online bridge. If anyone has discovered a useful feature, please share.
David Kaye.

Alerting on BBO

Having played a few sessions on BBO I’m slowly getting the hang of it. However, I would appreciate clarification on the correct procedures for alerting. I have found that more experienced players tend to Alert their own bids with an explanation e.g. a 2H transfer to spades would be accompanied by “Spades”. Is this accepted as best practice?
When a player clicks on a bid to request an explanation, is it given by the bidder or his partner? At the end of the auction there is no equivalent of leading a card face down. After the lead explanations are usually requested by Chat. If so, who should supply the explanation?
I can’t be alone in finding this confusing, so if anyone can clarify the situation I’m sure many of us would benefit.

To Bid Or Not To Bid

Inspired by Damien’s disaster story I recalled an early disaster of my own.
I had just emerged blinking from Classes to play in a scary Melville club competition. I was shaking with terror. The look on partner’s face signalled that she was either constipated or about to risk an opening bid. I had a very poor 5 count and decided I would pass whatever she bid and would not have to be declarer. Partner opened a club, my RHO passed. I was reaching for the Pass card when I noticed I had only two clubs. It dawned on me (insanely) that I could bid 1NT which might improve the contract. Too late I realised what I had done. Perhaps the opponents would kindly bid and no one would notice. No such luck. Partner bid two clubs passed out. I had to table my hand to reveal my stupidity.
RHO was a kenspeckle Scottish Internationalist who shall remain nameless. Let’s call him Les. He turned to declarer and asked innocently “does partner need a six card Major to introduce it at the one level?”