About This Website

This website has been created to allow Melville members to contribute their thoughts on all matters relating to bridge and on any other topic that interests them! This can be done by submitting an article, referred to as a ‘post’, and also by commenting on other people’s posts. So, if you have a bridge question or an opinion on anything to do with bridge, why not start an on-line conversation by submitting a post.

At this difficult time members could also use this forum to share their ideas on how they are coping with the lock-down and offer their own suggestions on how they are keeping fit and healthy whilst remaining at home. So feel free to suggest useful websites and recommend other activities that you have found to be a good way to help you get through each day.

Please note that in order to submit a post or make a comment on other posts, you must first register as a user of this site with a name and an email address that the club recognises. Once your registration is approved you can start submitting posts and make comments. Users can also provide a ‘Nickname’ when they register, if they prefer to remain anonymous when posting or commenting.

Each time you wish to post you will need to answer an anti-spam question for which there is a prompt on the form used to submit the post. All our members should know the answer to this ‘challenge question’ which is case sensitive.


To register, please click on the ‘Register’ link in the menu at the top of this page.