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Past Results and How Hands Were Bid and Played on RB

I have recorded a new video which shows you how to access past results on RealBridge and also how to look at the bidding and play of all the boards just as you do on BBO. The video can be found on our website in the ‘RealBridge Videos’ section. You may find that the video downloads rather than plays in which case you will need to double click on the download to play it. There is no password for this video.

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Overheard on BBO…

Not having been on a bus for six months I feel starved of the joy of hearing strange snippets of conversations. I’m having to resort to snippets I “overhear on BBO”. Today we have:

“I’m playing with a ROBOT today because Margaret is at the hairdressers”.

Online TDing…. generates a few strange TD calls!

Yesterday I was called to bridge table by a player holding

S —
D KT98743
Q A865

Player “I can’t see my hand, the bidding box is blocking it”

Jules “OK, could you try clicking on the box”

Player “Still can’t see”

Jules “Can you try dragging the bidding box?”

Player “No, that doesn’t work”

Jules “Is there a play button, or a back arrow that you can see?”

Player “Nope”

Jules “OK, trying signing off and on again to see whether the problem resolves itself”.

Player “I’m back. I still can’t see part of my hand.”

Jules “OK, so what part of your hand can’t you see?”

Player “My spades….”

Jules “!!!”

Of course as online TDs we can’t actually see what the player can (or can’t) see on their screen, so really just trying to proffer a series or “useful suggestions” to try and resolve the problem!

Ode to Bridge, shared by Kestrel’s, Sara Mit—

I’m giving up Bridge –
tonight’s my last night,
it’s Amen to Stayman, I give
up the fight.
The insults and muddles are
giving me troubles;
I can’t sleep at night for
remembering doubles.

What to bid, what to lead
and which cards have been
Did my partner’s discard
mean she wanted a spade?
So for now it’s all over – I’m
off to the backwood,
I’m bidding good riddance to
Gerber and Blackwood.

I can’t stand the hassle, I
can’t stand the pain,
I’m getting those bad cards
again and again.
I’m giving up Bridge –
tonight’s a bad night,
Declarer is horrid and
nothing’s gone right.

My partner’s quite hopeless
but tends to blame me,
When we go down in four
though should have been in three.
I sit there in dread when
I see her bid double.
She does it a lot and it
always means trouble.

My points are not high, and
I’m wondering why,
she keeps on and on
bidding up to the sky:
We’re in seven hearts and
my nerves are frayed,
when wonder of wonders
our contract made!

We have all the tricks,
the defenders look grey,
and I have to admit my
partner’s ok.
But—I’m giving up Bridge,
tonight’s my last night.
Farewell to conventions.
I give up the fight!

So I end with some words
that I know to be true,
Bridge is a game, not for me
but for you.
So be kind to your partners,
and don’t mind their cheek,
for it’s only a game, and yep!
I’ll see you next week.


Daily Bridge Tip 50

  • The right bid with one partner may be the wrong bid with another.
  • More points are lost through cowardice than recklessness. It’s a bidder’s game.
  • If you agree a convention, be prepared for interference and decide how to handle it.
  • System cannot replacement judgement. Nothing can.
  • Don’t be afraid to bid against experts. They don’t like coping with preempts any more than you do.
  • One great secret of winning bridge is knowing when to pass.
  • Don’t expect to defeat every contract you double. If you do, you are not doubling enough.
  • If partner makes a mistake, don’t assume they are crazy. Assume they had a reason for the action they took.
  • If partner makes a mistake, consider whether YOU might have have done something differently.
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Daily Bridge Tip 49

Assuming you win the first trick with ♦ A the critical play comes at trick 2.

You need to make four club tricks but have only two entries to dummy.

You won’t have a problem if clubs break 3-2 but what if they break 4-1? This is quite likely given West’s overcall.

If you draw trumps immediately ending in dummy you won’t be able to pick up the club suit if East has ♣ Kxxx

Leading ♣ Q at trick 2 doesn’t work either because East won’t cover and you can’t play another club before trumps are drawn in case West can ruff the second club.

The answer is to LEAD A SMALL CLUB AT TRICK 2 and finesse.

You then draw trumps ending in dummy and play ♣ Q in order to pick up East’s suit.


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Daily Bridge Tip 48

You win ♣ A and hope to draw trumps so you can enjoy the excellent diamond suit.

If you cash ♥ A and ♥ K and then tackle diamonds there is a danger of a diamond ruff before you can discard your losing spades. Your only hope is that three rounds of diamonds remain unruffed, otherwise you will lose a trump and three spades.

You need to lose one trump trick at a time when dummy still has a trump to protect you in spades.

The way to do that is to DUCK THE FIRST ROUND OF TRUMPS.

Now all the defenders can do is to take two spade tricks and you will get the rest of the tricks because you can ruff a third round of spades.

This line of play is not waterproof against every different distribution of the cards, but is the line which gives you the highest probability of success.

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Daily Bridge Tip 47

It’s a complete guess unless you took the precaution of cashing your winners first before playing the heart suit.

West has already shown up with 5 diamonds.
If you cash all your spades you find that West started with 4 spades.
When you cash your clubs you find that West started with 2 clubs

West’s shape is therefore 4 ♠ – 2 ♥ – 5 ♦ – 2 ♣



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